Spencer_Wall_Watermark1-Website-Blog-1024x682 Thanks for Visiting Spencer Lefevre Photography!!! When I was a teenager I always had people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had always clung to the dream of being a Graphic Designer. Between working on computers and making creative designs I figured it was the perfect or ideal job. I never remember saying I want to be a photographer and start a business, however after picking up my uncle’s DSLR Camera around the age of 19, I became fascinated with the idea I was able to control all of the settings and create an image that was truly unique. When my friends and family became more intrigued by my work, I began to realize that I loved seeing reactions when people saw the results of the photos. The next year I decided to shoot everything I could to decide what I wanted to narrow my focus on. As I did this, I taught myself every skill by reading books, taking workshops and shooting in a wide array of situations. After shooting for almost 2 years, I decided I was going to specialize on Weddings, High School Seniors and Portrait Photography. I chose those topics because I wanted to capture the memorable moments in someone’s life. Having my clients look back on the photos I’ve captured and reflect on the feelings they have experienced never gets old. Each and every experience is catered to match the client’s style and personal choices, we understand that your photos should reflect your unique personality. With all of our clients, Spencer Lefevre Photography loves creating images that stand out from the rest while making a memorable impact in your experience with our studio. Spencer Lefevre Photography brings a team of skill and talent alongside of the business to create these amazing images. Check them out below. Thank you for visiting Spencer Lefevre Photography. Lacey_2013-6-Website-1024x680

Lacey R. | Second Photographer

Lacey has been working alongside me for several years and has taken the role as my main second photographer for assignments and weddings. She is a huge help in gaining the necessary angles with lighting and assisting the models and clients in wardrobe changes or styling. She has gone through training by me to ensure we are able to capture key elements. Lacey has always had a passion for photography all the way back to when her Grandma would send her disposable cameras. Her goal is to always produce an image that stretches the boundaries of reality, and makes others ask how she managed to take that photo. She is a valuable part of my team and I am glad to have her learn and grow within my business.

Emily P. | Assistant

Bio Coming Soon

Natalie L. | Assistant

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Lorah Feldman | Graphic Designer

Lorah has been on my team since the start of my business. Lorah works with me to create some of my designed products. She brings years of design experience and ensures that I’m able to provide valuable input into the final design product. Lorah design custom flyers, promotional material as well as Save the Date and thank you cards. You can always be sure that I am overseeing all of the design elements to create a truly unique and outstanding product. Lorah has been doing freelance design work in Mechanicsburg, PA for almost 5 years now. Lorah has obtained a bachelors degree in Graphic and Communication Design, and currently works full-time as a Graphic Designer for D&H Distributing. She taught herself HTML & CSS and by high school she was spending late nights coding websites for fun and making digital artwork in Photoshop. She is doing what she loves and is on the board of a local non-profit, and spends her evening hours running her design freelance business.